Top 10 Films of all time


So here it is, the first and glorious article of the new and shiny YP Blog! Kicking off the blog, the first of a series of articles about arts, my personal top 10 film list! Of course, it’s highly subjective and you will probably want to kill me for some of my choices, but you can freely express yourself in the comments, post your top 10, or even hit me up with your own, guest article! So, shall we?

10: Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino is a polarizing figure within the cinema community, he is one of my favorite actors. The way this man utilizes violence and gore to make films that are way above your usual run-of-the-mill splatter comedies is magnificent. So I found it matching to begin my list with one of his films. In Reservoir Dogs he presents a story that keeps the viewer on its heels and has memorable characters, whose different backgrounds are explained through flashbacks. When all is said and done, you will have spent some of the best 100 minutes you will have spent!

9: Taxi Driver

For a lot of people this is the movie that skyrocketed the popularity of Robert De Niro and turned him into an A-List actor. Whether you agree with that notion or not, you just can’t dispute the greatness of this movie. Telling the story of a Vietnam veteran turned cab driver, the movie dives into the growing paranoia inside De Niro’s head, his obsession with cleansing New York City from crime and the bond he forms with an underage prostitute. A must view film for movie enthusiasts.

8: Se7en

Before House of Cards and the recent sexual abuse allegations, one the main things that Kevin Spacey was known for was his role in Se7en. A nail-biting psychological thriller, Se7en has the viewer at the edge of his seat for the whole film, without having any jump scares or cheap, gore-y violence. And not only Spacey’s acting is amazing, but also that of lead actors Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, who depict two cooperating policemen in the chase of a serial killer, who bases his murders on the seven deadly sins.

7: The Departed

And we have our first Leonardo Di Caprio sighting in this list! Unlike the Academy, which snubbed him for his role in the film and did not honor him with an Oscar award, I won’t do the same mistake. This Frank Scorsese-made film is one of the best crime flicks of the 00’s, with Di Caprio and Matt Damon combining for one hell of a lead duo, with Jack Nicholson fitting greatly with the role of the main antagonist, Boston’s biggest mobster, who is well connected in the Boston Police Department. You might snub it as another big time Hollywood blockbuster, but you would be criminally underrating this movie.

6: Kids

Now we’ve reached the point where I start mentioning obscure movies just to draw your attention! Jokes aside, this 1994 underground movie is a diamond in the rough. Director Larry Clark is mostly well known about his photography works, which are inspired by his tumultuous youth, in which he was drug addicted. Kids follows the lives of four teenage New Yorkers during a summer in the early 90’s as they dwell in a world filled with skating, drugs and sex. A raw depiction of the reality for many teenagers at that time, Kids is a true coming of age film that leaves a mark on the viewer.

5: Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is not your typical war film. Coming out at 1979, when the traumatic experience of the Vietnam War was still fresh for the USA. A harsh depiction of the effects of the war on the soldiers, it is an eye-opening experience for the extreme effects of war in the human mind. One of the finest moments of Marlon Brando’s career, this movie represents an interesting twist in the war film genre.

4: Clockwork Orange

Based on one my all-time favorite books, this Stanley Kubrick flick presents a dystopian society. Alex, the protagonist, leads his small gang throughout his city, commiting many crimes ranging from petty things to beating a man and raping his wife. All this change however when he is arrested and put through an ΄΄attitude adjustment΄΄ program. Although it may lack the critical effect Apocalypse Now or Kids had on aspects of contemporary society, it still remains a movie that has a huge effect on the person that chooses to watch it.

3: Pulp Fiction


The second Tarantino film on my Top 10 then! In truth I don’t think there is a film by Quentin that I don’t enjoy, but I preffered to keep my fanboyism to a minimal and have a wide pool at my disposal. This time, Tarantino masterfully directs and blends two seemingly different storylines, that are heavy on starpower, with big names like Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson and John Travolta being the headliners of a strong cast. A blend of mob story, love story and comedy, Pulp Fiction is worth every second of your life that you spend on watching it, because probably you will come back for more, watching it a second and a third time!

2: Trainspotting


As we reached the top 2 spots of my list, the distinction between my two favorite films was very hard. But at the end, Trainspotting was slotted below the film that captured the top spot. Still, it is maybe the movie that I have watched the most, since I remember watching it at least 5 times, everytime with the same excitement and fun. The story of five Scottish teenagers, told through the eyes of the protagonist, Ewan McGregor, in the role that made him famous. A tale of heroin addiction, friendship, death and crime, as dark as it sounds, it actually is a lot more sunny and bright than it sounds. Combined with an amazing soundtrack, featuring many great british songs, the result is one of the best films for a teenager to watch, exciting and depressing at the same time, but nonetheless an all time great.

1: The Godfather


And at last, my favorite film of all, the one and only Godfather. Based on Nino Puzo’s novel, the story of an Italian mafia family in the New York of the 1940’s, it actually shaped in a way the image of Mafia at the time for the next generations. Everything, from the script to the settings is near perfect. But the one thing that manages to stand out even more is the amazing performances from the actors. Starting with Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, the powerful patriarch with the humane side, the cast features many known names, such as a young Al Pacino and the beautiful Diane Keaton, who all give great performances and are one of the deciding factors of making this movie one of the all time greatest, and certainly my all time favorite!

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