What Actually Happened at Our Council Meeting

What do we do at meetings, anyhow? Pose for pictures?

(Spoiler alert: nah, not really.)

As you may (or may not) know, roughly two weeks ago (Saturday 11/11 – Monday 13/11), we had a Council and Team Leader meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Why? For the Team Leaders to inform the Youth Platform Council on recent developments with their projects, to gain tools and skills which would help them further in their work, and to combat the wave of inactivity that was brought on by the summer break.

On Saturday, we got acquainted with a programme called ‘3D Virtual World Platform’, which is a different way of having teleconferences, which was presented by Ms Deborah, from Spain.

Sunday, the Team Leaders presented each one their work their group had done on the project so far, discussed their short term and long term goals and got feedback from the rest of the participants.

Afterwards, Dr Leeanne presented the organisational work that’s been ongoing in CTYI in preparation for the next Youth Summit, which will happen in Dublin, on the 8-11th of August, 2018 (in parallel with the ECHA conference that year!).

Then, we had a seven hour long session, where the Team Leaders worked with the Council members on making the goals of the projects possible. (More details on the project processes are prepared by the uTalent+Web project, and will be available soon!) Of course, since we’re not robots that run on coffee fuel, that session was broken up in two parts. Sandwiched between those parts were a short trip to a thermal bath (from which comes the first picture in that article; can you believe the moment we set foot on the tram home, it broke down), and a Be-novative session on Monday morning by Mr Henrik, where we brainstormed ways in which we could get the platform alive and kicking again.

Finally, after a presentation of work done during the meeting, we packed up and went home. 😦

More info on the verdicts on the projects will come soon in our Facebook group. We have footage of the meeting too, in our YouTube page- check it out! And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email, or just comment!

See you next week!

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