Critique on cinema critics

Hello boys and girls! It’s time for the weekly post again, and this week I decided to write about am artsy topic again.


Have you ever thought of watching a new film that just came out, excited about the action-packed trailer and the promise that it showed, just to find out that the critics are deeming this film a failure, not worthy of your money? Or at the other hand, you sit comfortably on your couch on a lonely Saturday evening. You’ve had your plans about going out with your friends cancelled, so you think about watching a movie. Being maybe a bit uneducated on cinema, you open up Rotten Tomatoes in search of a good film, worthy of your time. After a long, exhausting procedure, you stumble upon an underground film that has glowing reviews, although it seems a bit ”artistic” for your superhero, gun-in-your-mouth taste. Nevertheless, you watch it in a totally legal way I suppose, but come away dissapointed. This was the great film that the critics were raving? And here comes the big question: How much can we trust critics?

Actually, I think it depends on the kind of movie you want to watch. If we are talking about a superhero flick or an action blockbuster, it is true that most of the times the point of these movies in’t about providing the best plot or acting. It is about making the fan happy, with action packed sequences and a fun experience. But these aren’t usually the things that a critic looks for in a movie. So even if you watch the movie, find it excellent and feel you could see it again, a critic maybe will be harsh But it is OK, we can’t agree on everything. It is important to be able to filter out as a person on which films you can trust a critic, because they actually do know about cinema and their opinions can and should be trusted on many cases. Long story short: If you are about to hit the Sundance Film Festival, check out the reviews of the films participating, but if you want to watch the new Avengers movie, just go with your gut and enjoy it!

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