YP Newsletter December 2017 & January 2018

Last two months’ newsletter by Elle Loughran and Liliánna Gerse:

Hey guys! Here’s what the YP has been up to recently.

November Meeting in Budapest
The Council and Team Leaders met in Budapest in November to work on the projects. The Team Leaders told us about problems they were having with their projects, then we spent the next few days working on them and by the end of the meeting they told us about their progress. Ádám got lots of footage for the Youtube Channel, Anna and Marios planned the blog project, Robert and Máté worked on making the uTalent Platform, and Lukas, Veronika and Armin told us about their Youth Expedition of Science, Talented Youth Survey and Talents for Talented projects.

Watch Meeting Video-summary
Watch Interviews with Team Leaders

Blog & Develop Your Knowledge Project
The blog team, led by Anna Kompogiannopoulou and Marios Mitrofanis, have been hard at work and have published many articles over the last 2 months on a wide range of subjects:

Develop Your Knowledge: Trust Me, I’m An Engineer: Lifting the City Two Metres Above Ground Improves Your Health (engineering project that saved Chicago)
European Holidays… More or Less (about our holiday traditions in Europe)
What Actually Happened at Our Council Meeting (report from the meeting)
Not Fit for the Job (a short story)
A misconception of historical proportions (great misconceptions about history)
Develop Your Knowledge: Scientists’ warning to humanity: a skeptical analysis (Filip Novotný’s analysis of some views of global warming — if you disagree, why not submit a response?)
and more

You can find all these articles at the blog. I’ve already learned something from reading it, specifically the history post, so I recommend checking it out.

Youtube Channel
There are two new videos on the Youtube channel this month, one showing what we got up to at the November Budapest meeting and one interviewing the project team leaders.

Reminder that our revamped website is live at http://youthplatform.etsn.eu/! Just click the button to check it out.
Our Website

European Youth Summit 2018 Preparations
We asked for your input on sessions you’d like at the Summit held during the ECHA Meeting in Dublin next August, and you said you’d like a presentation of projects being run for talented youth in different countries, a showcase of progress in the YP’s projects, and Lightning Talks like in EYS17, and that’s what we’ve sent to the organisers in Dublin.

The Council has been working on finetuning the Youth Platform’s Constitution and will be creating a subcommittee soon to work on that.

That’s about all. Happy 2018!

Yours busily,

Elle Loughran and Liliánna Gerse

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