YP Newsletter February 2018

Hi all!

Here’s a quick update on what the YP-ETSN has been up to lately.


We have 4 new videos out on our YouTube channel!

Orla Dunne, one of the organisers of the next European Youth Summit in Dublin

Many more are coming. Feel free to subscribe and click on the bell icon. It will help us to make a bigger impact in the world of gifted education and you’ll be part of it!

Subscribe here!


Check out our new website design at youthplatform.etsn.eu.


Congratulations to the uTalent team on having now released a beta version of their project database, based here. The database currently just has YP projects, but will later hold projects for all kinds of European students. The team says feedback is welcome; send it to utalent@etsn.eu.

Check out uTalent Beta


We’ve had lots of blog posts since the last newsletter, including some cool stories like Anna Kompogiannopoulou’s on how Chicago was lifted two metres off the ground to improve sanitation, Filip Novotný’s on how he and a team of his fellow highschoolers are building a satellite for the ESA’s CanSat competition, and an interview-based article exploring gifted student’s perceptions of giftedness. It’s an important topic, with many outstanding questions — is it an important trait, or is it just a way of being elitist and thinking you’re better than everyone? Should the YP exist at all? What’s the point in celebrating giftedness? Does giftedness have to be innate or does it count if skill has been developed through hard work? Is it just academia or does it include music, dance, sport, construction..? All very compelling questions the blog is just starting to unravel.


Council members Lukas and Armin and Team Leader Adam represented us at the ETSN’s meeting in February with Talent Centre representatives, discussing how different TCs can work more closely together, telling the story of the Platform and encouraging TCs and TPs to nominate students to the YP.


We’ve applied for a big EU prize for projects that connect members of different EU countries. Thank you to Lukas and Veronika for all the work you put in on the very thorough application. Results should be available in April/May. We’ll keep you up to date.

“The prize for the best project is €7500, the second €5000 and the third €2500. As part of the prize, the three European laureates are invited to visit the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.” -Charlemagne Youth Prize webpage

More about European Charlemagne Youth Prize

That’s all for now,

Elle Loughran and Lilianna Gerse

Communications Officer and Internal Coordinator of the YP-ETSN

P.S. Sorry for the delay, February was packed and it took us a while to put it all together. March newsletter is coming soon.

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