Why You’ll Always And Never Have Time

We’ve all been there. You want to get out for a drink, but you’ve got that 2000 word essay due tomorrow that’s not gonna write itself. Rubbing your eyes over the monitor, you curse the the professor for giving work in such a short notice, even though when the essay was mentioned the deadline was a month away. Or, maybe, you were one of the responsible ones, and actually had more ‘time’ to finish it. But you cancelled that drink. Maybe it wasn’t right before the eleventh hour, but you did. But you had ‘time’.

Did you? Well, time to finish that particular essay, sure. You might have. But can you ever truly finish that essay? It’ll always have room for improvement. Maybe you never finished. You “didn’t have time”. Or maybe you did. “If only I had two more days, it would’ve been so much better”. Would it? What took those two hours away? Why didn’t you have them? Isn’t time universal for all? How did you submit it and they didn’t?

You’ll never have enough time to do everything you want. Because, even when we think we don’t have anything to do, we have so many things just pending. Maybe it’s the laundry. Maybe it’s indeed that godforsaken drink you’ve been trying to plan. Visiting your grandma. Making plans for the future.

Don’t spend time thinking on the future. If ever time can be wasted, that’s the only thing you could waste it on. Cause the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past and you’ve spent it all residing in a limbo of mild discontent for not having time to do what you really needed.

Or, you could stay in mild discontent, there’s nothing particularly wrong about that. For some, it is a driving force to change. Others, it’s a stable course of living. It’s something known, if not comfortable. Knowing time will always be there, and yet you’ll never be able to take advantage of its full potential is also known.

But not being perfect isn’t a flaw; that’s just living.

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