You hit that spot in your twenties -maybe even earlier, around the end of high school- that you just feel… lonely. Of course, such isn’t the instance for everyone. Usually, everyone you know around you has a semblance of control over their lives. Everyone, but you, it seems. If it was such a special feeling, though, it wouldn’t be so commonplace.

You’re thrown into the ‘adult world’ with theoretical knowledge about how things work, devoid of coping mechanisms, fumbling with choosing a future when your decision making part of your brain hasn’t even completed its growth yet, and expected to know everything. Know that the world is cruel, and you need to exploit, before being exploited. Life is a struggle, a constant struggle, and you’ll be left struggling, because that’s… what everyone does.

Some manage to find meaning. Love, family, work, travels. Little trinkets that make you less alone in this aimless rock that’s floating in space. Others find religion. That divine power that gives your life purpose, meaning, answers your questions, takes care of you.

And there are these ones, the ones that haven’t found anything to hold on. That they just go… on, not knowing why or how. Some of them are okay with that, some are not.

Everyone shares a common factor.

They’ve all felt ‘lonely’.

At least once.

No one seems to be alone in feeling lonely, though.

Isn’t that a shame? The only thing we for sure share is the only thing that divides us. You don’t talk, because no one would care. You don’t talk, because admitting need is a weakness, and no one needs to fuss themselves with you; they have their own problems. You don’t talk, because weaknesses can be exploited. You don’t talk… just because. You drink. You cry. You scream. You write, you sing, you paint… you move on. You move along. Some don’t. Some can’t carry the journey. Some… leave early. Some want to leave, but don’t really plan to. They linger on.

Who knows who’s right? Usually, ‘good’ is something that benefits most people. What’s certain, being this lonely benefits nobody.

But, in the end, it’s us who decide how we handle our circumstance.

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