You hit that spot in your twenties -maybe even earlier, around the end of high school- that you just feel… lonely. Read More

Why You’ll Always And Never Have Time

We’ve all been there. You want to get out for a drink, but you’ve got that 2000 word essay due tomorrow that’s not gonna write itself. Rubbing your eyes over the monitor, you curse the the professor for giving work in such a short notice, even though when the essay was mentioned the deadline was a month away. Read More

High School Students Developing A Satellite? – by Filip Novotný

A team of high school students are currently working on building a satellite called SATIRA and it’s supposed to compete in a competition called CanSat organized by ESA. Their task is to measure certain quantities (like position, temperature) and some secondary experiment by which the teams are going to compete. The trickiest thing is that the participants have to fit their satellite in a small soda can. The most successful satellites will fly on sub-orbital flight. The team is composed of 4 students named Jakub Janoušek, Mirek Lžičař, Lukáš Sláma and Filip Novotný. We’ve made an exclusive interview with them. Read More