Trust Me, I’m An Engineer: Lifting the City Two Metres Above Ground Improves Your Health

You’re in an open concert for music you don’t like. Three hundred people, nothing too big. With nothing pleasant to focus to, you just start feeling all the people cramped around you, almost taste the metallic reek of sweat floating around, maybe step on random dirt by someone’s spilled drink. Now, take that situation, multiply the number of people by a hundred and add a time frame of a couple of centuries, in contrast to the four hours a concert might take. Boom: you’ve landed in Chicago, 1850.  Read More

Top 10s, vol.2: My top 10 music albums


Hello and happy new year boys and girls! Along with the first weekend of 2018 comes the year’s first blog post! And for this post, I decided to go with the things that are my strong spot: Arts. I’m sure you remember the first post, where I discussed about my personal top 10 of favorite movies. So for this post we will dive into music, and specially my top 10 favorite albums! Shall we?


10. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon


When a discussion turns to Pink Floyd, there aren’t many things to be said apart from the fact that they have produced some of the greatest songs of all time from a musical standpoint. They offer a different soul trip on each song, and singling out my favorite album was tough. But after some thought, I went with the aforementioned one. It contains great pieces throughout, and the peak of the album comes with the song Time.

9. Nightstalker-Just a Burn


Now you may wonder, who the F are these Nightstalker guys that are slotted above a world famous, all time great band like Pink Floyd? Well, you are forgiven for not knowing them, since they are a greek Stoner rock band, well known, but only in the worldwide Stoner circles. They are considered one of the greatest greek rock bands of modern time, as they are still producing and performing live. This 2004 album is probably their peak, as it contains some of their greatest songs, such as Line and All Around (Satanic Drugs from Outer Space).

8. Rotting Christ- Sanctus Diavolos


Now this is purely a tribute to my early teen years, when I was a short haired, without a trace of beard, metalhead. Rotting Christ are a Greek Dark Metal band, who are considered among the all time greats of the genre. Also, this album is one of the first that I bought in physical form, and it spent nearly one entire summer in my CD player while I was vacationing in my village in Chalkidiki. The high points of this album are the songs Athanati Este, Visions of a Blind Order and Sanctus Diavolos.



Staying on course, the next album is also in the broad metal category, by the german Industrial Metal gods, Rammstein. Known for their vibrant and fiery live performances, ghostly lyrics and weird video-clips, they have their own place in the top tier of metal music. In my opinion, Mutter is their best album, due to the amazing depth in quality of the songs. Not only there are standout songs, but there isn’t a weak song in the album! From the powerful Feuer Frei to the calming and hallowing Spieluhr, every song will entertain the lovers of the genre.

6. N.W.A-Straight Outta Compton


Departing from the metal field, we go to the vibrant West Coast rap scene of the 90’s. N.W.A are one of the most influentian rap groups of all time, with their introduction of the so-called ”Gangsta Rap”. This album marked their breakthrough, introducing their two most known songs that are heard even today, F*ck da Police and Straight outta Compton, bringing them to the big stage and solidifying their place in rap history.

5.Radiohead-OK Computer


Now for our first british entry, Radiohead’s 1997 album is a masterpiece throughout. From Paranoid Android to Karma Police to No Surprises, it is packed with some of the greatest Alt-rock songs of all time (or I think so highly of them), it was worth every penny I spent on it!

4. Black Flag-Damaged


Continuing, this Californian punk album is I think the first punk album I listened whole. Its kick-ass, spit-in-your-face attitude is energizing and it contains also my favorite Black Flag song, TV Party. Along with Dead Kennedys, the band spearheaded the early 80’s breakthrough of West Coast hardcore punk with albums like this.

3. Johnny Cash-American IV: The Man Comes Around


Johnny Cash, the true outlaw of american music in a deeply conservative era, had a career that spanned decades. In the latest stages of his life, Cash started producing albums with him covering many songs from contemporary artists, in a line of albums called ”American”. In the fourth and ultimate album, he produced some covers that outdo the original versions of the songs, such as Hurt, from Nine Inch Nails and Personal Jesus, from Depeche Mode.

2. John Frusciante-The Empyrean


Who the F is John Frusciante?, you might think. Actually, he is the guitarist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and he has gone on to produce many solo albums, that feature instrumental guitar parts. I admire his work, but this album is so high probably because of the first song, Before the Beginning. It is based on one of the biggest guitar masterpieces of all time, Maggot Brain from Funkadelic, and is a soul numbing experience. Just put it on, close your eyes and feel.

1. The Offspring-Americana


It isn’t the best album of all time, it isn’t maybe even a great album. But it is the album that I have listened to over and over again the most. From Have you Ever? to Walla Walla to She’s got Issue to Why Don’t you get a Job?, every single track here is a blast, energizing me whatever the time and situation!

So, these are my top 10 albums. If you disagree, hate or love my picks or even wanna share yours, feel free to! Until next time guys!

A misconception of historical proportions

Hello YP people, in this week’s edition of the post, we delve into the field of history! History is such a fascinating field of study, with many branches and offshoots. It is also my field of study, as I am an undergraduate student at the Department of History for the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens! Today’s subject will be some of the most common misconceptions about historic facts, events or persons. Read More